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In times of pandemics the world Is at a deadlock.


And architecture was affected by that.

Architecture of today Is changing, the work market is changing, offices are changing, demand is changing. The protagonists are changing.

New adjustments are required for the architects. More and more qualifications are required.

How do we deal with all this?

Resilience is one of the necessary words for the answer

With more culture, more tools, more intelligence.

Do you know what's emotional intelligence? It's one of the best answers to today's problem, for sure.

Upcoming Course


The new challenge for creators


Arq @ Challenge inaugurates its training aspect in Portuguese with a cycle of courses dedicated to EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE


Course 1 - Resilience: relearning for the future - FEBRUARY 2021

Course 2 - Creative solution of complex problems - MARCH 2021

Course 3 - Working in pressure contexts - APRIL 2001

Course 4 - Leading with emotional intelligence - MAY 2001


-Each course: 3 modules with classes recorded on video and a weekly class, live.

-Each module: 3/4 video lessons

-1 activity / challenge per class

-Private Facebook group arq @ challenge


-Certificate of participation

-Final registration of all participants in the arch @ challenge file, accessible to the public when authorized


-Prices: 1 course: 187 euros

Pack courses 1 and 2: 297 euros

Course pack 1,2,3,4: 554 euros * option of two payments

-Inscriptions: course 2 - until February 28, 2021 with 10% discount

Deadline: 1  2001

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