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Exhibition: The Emotion of Space

Name: The Emotion of Space

By: Azcona Foundation Collection

In: Centro Cultural de Cascais When: June 19 to October 3

"During the 20th and 21st centuries, sculpture has undergone more metamorphoses than in all of history since its emergence as art." (Maria Toral, curator)

Image: Yunque Sueños III b, by Eduardo Chillida

The Cascais Cultural Center is once again investing in a major international exhibition, following a line of programming that seeks to bring the best of what happens abroad to Portugal, and presents "A Emoção do Espaço".

The exhibition includes sculptures by Auguste Rodin, Man Ray, Joan Miró, Henry Moore, Max Arnest, Eduardo Chilida, Martín Chirino, Miguel Barceló, Antonio López, and Julio González, among other major names that have marked the history of art over the last 100 years, standing out in the vanguards and artistic movements such as Cubism, Modernism, Dadaism, Surrealism and Realism.

"In this exhibition, we trace a path through all these isms, until we reach the present, which allows us to observe, at first hand, all the interpretations developed by the artists. All these views have in common the process of representation in different spheres of human expression. We speak of solid expression, the three-dimensional and, finally, the occupation of space." (Maria Toral, curator)

Image: Constelación Silenciosa, by Juan Miró

The Emotion of Space, a selection of pieces from the collection of the Spanish Azcona Foundation, brings together innovative works by creators who tore down concepts and tore down the limits of artistic creation.

"Over the decades, sculptors have kept a constant search for new forms of expression, which diverge in the use of the most diverse materials and which continue, to this day, to change, such as iron, wood, plastic, plexiglass or resins." (Maria Toral, curator)

It is organized by the Fundação D. Luís I and the Municipality of Cascais, within the scope of the Bairro dos Museus programme.


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